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September 02, 2009



That was a crazy video. I never gave that idea much thought until now.

Brandon Shanks

I totally agree!

Some things that will never change regardless of technology or time will be students that need a place to belong and find healing. There will always be students that are struggling with their parents' divorce. There will always be students needing friends...ect.

We must ALWAYS be more than just a student's cyber Jesus connection. We must be incarnational...the word becomes flesh through our life with students.

I thought the video was eye-opening. The amazing thing to me is despite all of our advancement we still have the same needs. We may have a new outlet to express them, but we are still crying out for help.

One thing that I think needs to change is that we need to be on the forefront of putting the gospel in the midst of culture. We should have FIRST CLASS videos and websites that are promoting the Truth about salvation. It seems that some "christian" groups are getting this, but we must not be shy to get the Truth out there in the faces of searching students. Let's make TRUTH VIRAL!


I love the quote regarding the decline of traditional newspapers- "in social media, the news FINDS YOU". The question I have is this: how do we become more like Facebook or Twitter and less like The Times in our sharing of the good news?

Ideas from social media: Update frequently. Short. Simple. Conversational. Word of Mouth. Develop relational followers.

I love the other quote "students don't trust marketing, they trust each other". A student ministry can have all the marketing gimmicks in the world, but if the students in said ministry aren't developing followers through relationships, the student ministry will only reach a small percentage of the unchurched.

Cards work. Doorhangers work. Websites work. Graphics work. Promotions work... But a lateral, relational conversation from one peer to another (word of mouth) is still the most effective tool.

Interesting stuff. Love you Brandon! Love your blog & love your student ministry!


Great post Brandon. So true!

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